List of the Last Witnesses

List of Last Witnesses

Along with the Jewish Welcome Service, the creators of “A Letter to the Stars” have assembled a unique list: the list of Austria’s Last Witnesses.
2,500 people from Austria who survived the Nazi regime in concentration camps, in hiding, in exile or on the run and now live scattered around the globe. These survivors want to share their memories with young people from the country they were forced to leave as children and adolescents, as an act of reconciliation and as a mission to learn from history – together.
Austrian high school students will visit these Last Witnesses in their homes – the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom and South America, among others – as ‘Ambassadors of Remembrance’ as ambassadors of a new Austria who want to learn from its history. As ambassadors of the heart, these young people want to bring some reconciliation to these survivors.
Students will live with the families of the survivors for a few days and will research the survivors’ individual stories and history. Then, they will document their encounters. So that we shall never forget.
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